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Why choose Ship+Tag for your international shipping needs?

Faster Delivery Times

Quick and efficient shipping to ensure your customers receive their orders as soon as possible.

Reduced Shipping Costs

Affordable shipping solutions to help you save money on every shipment.

Reliable Tracking and Updates

Real-time tracking and notifications to keep you and your customers informed about the status of shipments.

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From order placement to final delivery, ShipTag ensures a seamless shipping experience.

- Place your order through our platform.
- We connect you with the best shipping suppliers.
- Track your shipment in real-time.
- Enjoy timely deliveries and happy customers.

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Customs Paperwork and Compliance

Navigating customs regulations can be challenging. ShipTag’s expertise in handling customs paperwork and ensuring compliance means you can ship with confidence. Our AI-Based Customs Code Generation feature simplifies the process further by accurately determining HTS codes from product descriptions.

Streamlined customs processes

Reduced delays and penalties

AI-Based Technology

AI-based HTS code generation with confidence scores


Your shipments clears customs without hassle.

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